A Brief History

The project of Redescribing Christian Origins began as a Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) Consultation entitled "Ancient Myths and Modern Theories of Christian Origins" (1995–1997). It was chaired by Ron Cameron and Merrill P. Miller.  The Consultation's work continued in a six-year seminar of the same name, also chaired by Cameron and Miller (1998–2003). After a brief hiatus, the project resumed in the form of another six-year program unit, this time as an SBL Group, entitled "Redescribing Early Christianity," chaired by Christopher R. Matthews and Barry S. Crawford (2007–2012). This was immediately followed by a Seminar (2013–2018), chaired by William E. Arnal and Erin Roberts, which kept the title of the preceding group. The current incarnation of the project (2019–present), again a seminar, is entitled, "Redescribing Christian Origins," and is chaired by Matthew Baldwin and Robyn Faith Walsh.